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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Essential Mix
Broadcast on BBC Radio 1 18/08/12

01 ?
02 Tom Tom Club – Don’t Say No (Short Cool Mix)
03 The Barking Dogs feat. Marcelo Burlon – Mamarracho
04 Hardhouse – Check This Out
05 Small People – Salty Days
06 Micachu feat. Tirzah – I’m Not Dancing
07 Medlar – The Sun
08 Jesse Perez – Miami Is My Town 
09 Greymatter – Pick & Roll
10 Family Of Few – Intervoles
11 Eats Everything – Vertigo
12 Justin Jay – Femme Fatale
13 Phreek Plus One – La Spirale
14 $olal – Luna’s Song (Robag Verlan-lanu Rework)
15 Arto Mwambe – Ombala Mbembo
16 Dusky – Every Day
17 I:Cube – Y.O.U.R.O.C.K (Extended Version) + The Sugacubes – Leash Called Love (Tony Humphries Remix)
18 DJ Dealer – Hungry (Destroyer Mix)
19 Sad City – Jaya
20 Lauren Lane & Jaw – Laser Eyes
21 Jd Twitch – Cumbia 1 
22 Aerea Negrot – Planta Baja
23 Da Posse feat. Christa Jordan – In The Heat Of The Night (Acid Mix)
24 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Your Love
25 WK7 – Do It Yourself 
26 Scuba – NE1BUTU
27 Rivet – Inside Looking Out
28 Amir Alexander – Catacombs
29 Gingy & Bordello – Iron & Water 
30 Head High – Rave (Dirt Mix)
31 MMM (Errorsmith & Fiedel) – Mmm Meets Tshetsha Boys
32 Koreless – Lost In Tokyo (Jacques Greene Remix)
33 I.C.P. – Free & Equal (Leftfield Remix)
34 Aphrodite’s Child – Loud, Loud, Loud


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“For the moment, this stands as an interesting example of unusual behaviour. Chucherousset doesn’t know why these particular catfish started stranding themselves to kill pigeons, or whether they particularly benefit from doing so.”

How does a fish get an idea?

The video is remarkable.

Natural selection?

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i survived the bush administration



i survived the bush administration



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When Lu was outside with Asaad [Salim] smoking a cigarette and I was inside with the two Kachadoorian women, Nora, who’s now about 30 — she’d been sitting quietly, for the most part, the whole time — didn’t really say anything, just a couple of words here and there. And finally when Lu was outside, she spoke and she said, ‘We want to help them.’ And it was very nice.

One of the oddities of the story, and there are so many, and I’m not sure what it means, but they’re Christian, for one thing, which makes them a minority in Iraq, some 2 percent of the population … And they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses and they’re very religious — certainly as anyone would be after something like this.

So every time I asked them about forgiving Lu, or what had happened, or how did they feel about it, or why are they not bitter, because they’re not, they would just default immediately to the Bible, or they would start talking about religion, of God and forgiveness. And it was amazing. You could just see the power of religion at a really micro level. They believed deeply in their religion, and she said — and they said, over and over again, ‘We have to forgive them. This is what God commands us: He’s forgiven us; we must [as well]. And there was no doubt in their mind about it. And the conviction with which they did it was very moving.


- Filkins on the Kachadoorians forgiving former Marine Lu Lobello (via nprfreshair)

A nice takeaway from a usually tuff subject

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And most people you meet are awesome….until shit hits the fan and/or you’ve interacted with them more than five times and you realise they actually fucking suck. I include myself in that, and you should too. We fucking suck!

See, I feel better already! Why? Because I’ve come to accept that I’m a petty, exacting, asshole, and there’s not much I can do about that. That is, unless I change my expectations around people and circumstances. If shit’s not going going my way, I won’t be happy unless I can be a royal cunt to the closest undeserving person, but if only managed to see that I’m being a dick because I was expecting to have things go my way and that if I’m a little more forgiving of my outlook, maybe I can be a halfway decent person. Well half the time, at least.



Good Morning, Los Angeles

Care bear stare! Lol

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Darkstar - Timeaway

So fresh! Very excited for the new release by Darkstar. Absolutely love their layering, and glad to hear something new from them!


Yup…that’s all.